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Apple shows the iPhone 5 !!!

Apple refreshes its gadgets: The Group has presented in San Francisco, the iPhone 5 and new iPods. The new smartphone has a 4-inch display dominates the faster LTE wireless data. All news by the minute protocol.

Foo Fighters live
[20.42 clock] Apple CEO Tim Cook still holds together times, thanks Apple employees who "do the job of their lives" - and gets the Foo Fighters on stage.The play now live in front of a huge company logo an acoustic version of their song "Times Like These".
+ + + + + + New Headphones
[20.33 Clock] This gadget autumn freshness continues - but no further surprises. As was announced earlier, polished Apple on his headphones. What ever happened to the secrecy that enhance Apple CEO Tim Cook did it again? Has not been working well. The group claims to have worked for three years at the "EarPods". That there's now with all Apple gadgets.iPods from the end of September, 49 U.S. dollars Shuffle, Nano 16GB $ 149. New iPod Touch with 32 GB for $ 299, 64 GB for $ 399. But that's a lot of money, Nintendo and Sony charge for their games handhelds less. Was it?
+ + + + + + New Touch
[20.21 clock] After the comparatively cheap Apple iPod Nano Anfixprodukt Joswiak shows a new iPod Touch. The small game Tablet gets from the iPhone 5 display known, is six millimeters thick and weighs 88 grams, the gaming system gets a camera with flash and autofocus, but can not compete with the iPhone. What interested especially teenagers should: Apple has provided an eye on a bracelet - called Loop - and fix Klimbim leave. Apple meets its customers. That it would have under the perfectionist Steve Jobs does not seem to be met!
+ + + + + + + New Nano
[20.17 clock] 5.4 mm, the new music player iPod Nano is thin, the shows now Greg Joswiak. Equipped with 2.5-inch multi-touch display, provides the MP3 player from virtually like a shrunken iPhone. A radio is integrated with pause function keys, as well as Bluetooth wireless.
+ + + + + + New iTunes
[20.10 clock] Apple has its music and device management software, iTunes finally overtaken. iTunes Eddy Cue Manager shows the new interface. Last iTunes had overcharged and worked especially complicated. The software is now tied more closely to the online store for music, movies and series. In late October, will come to the patch.
+ + + Apple delivers from 21 September + + +
[20.01 Clock] from 14 Preorders September, from 21 delivery September in the USA, Germany and seven other countries. The prices remain the same. Agreement with 199, 299, 399 dollars for models with 16, 32 and 64 GB from $ 99 iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 for free with contract. iOS 6 comes on 19 September, owners of older devices will receive a free update. This is bitter for Nokia - the company has just presented its new smartphones based on Windows 8, but so far can give a date for delivery.
+ + + Siri speaks with Facebook + + +
[19.54 clock] The language assistant Siri, Apple has taught new features, the software can now, for example, also receive Facebook status messages. The control of smartphones with voice commands is the height of fashion, Google has its Android devices donated a similar function. But back to the iPhone 5, which will be available in black and white . Phil Schiller comes to the end of his presentation.That was less than an hour. Comes as a surprise?
+ + + IOS 6 with new maps + + +
[19.47 clock] Where to stay because the surprises? Continue with the operating system iOS 6th Almost everything that Scott Forstall shows and says, we know from the first presentation of the software in June . It begins with the new Maps app that will replace Google Maps. A navigation function is built - looks very nice, the computer voice sounds very digital. Hopefully soon he reveals, when you get the update at last.
+ + + New Port for the next decade + + +
[19.43 clock] A third new microphone and speakers to the sound recordings of phone calls and the iPhone 5 upgrade. The new port, with the Apple phone is connected to computer and accessories, has become actually much smaller. The connection is called "Lightning", Phil Schiller promises that he will be used the next ten years. The old connector has lasted at least six years at the iPhone. And of course there is an adapter for all the accessories that Apple customers have been.
+ + + Better camera, longer battery life + + +
[19.32 clock] The battery should last longer than the previous model - and the 8-megapixel camera now has a low-light mode, which will allow better pictures in dark places. It should be faster and less noise than before - badly needed to camera against smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920 to arrive. The iPhone camera is now an integrated panorama feature that can assemble images in full resolution.
Can + + + + + + LTE iPhone now
[19.21 clock] as expected. The new iPhone dominates the fast LTE wireless standard, and the world. In Germany, Apple is working with Deutsche Telekom, as seen on a map of Europe. The new Apple A6 chip is smaller, but is twice as fast as the A5 in the iPhone 4S, says Schiller.
+ + + "This is the iPhone 5" + + +
[19.16 clock] marketing chief Phil Schiller shows the iPhone 5 It looks like you could see it on the Internet in advance leaked photos: Slightly longer than an iPhone 4S. 7.6 mm thick, 112 grams, or 20 percent lighter than the previous top model. The new has a 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, the pixel density remains unchanged. The new display has 44 percent more color saturation and an integrated touch screen, so it can be built thinner. All apps should work the same way as before, said Philip Schiller.
+ + + Hundreds of apps per user + + +
[19.12 clock] Some more numbers: give the App Store is now 700,000 apps, says Cook, 250,000 optimized for the iPad. All users have downloaded an average of more than 100. It continues with marketing chief Phil Schiller. Now it's all about iPhone.
+ + + Tim Cook and the Stars + + +
[19.07 clock] Beautiful, best, greatest figures: Tim Cook starts with the Apple ritual. He praises iMacs, MacBook Retina and OS X 10.8. Apple have now in the U.S., the largest market share in notebooks. Then moves on to the iPad: 17 million units were sold from April to June. A total of 84 million units since its launch. The iPad's share of web traffic through tablets amounts to 91 percent. Cook: "I wonder what the other tablets."

Apple has a new smartphone: marketing chief Phil Schiller was in San ..
Apple has a new smartphone: marketing chief Phil Schiller unveiled in San Francisco, the iPhone 5.  
Apple CEO Tim Cook: The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and larger.
Apple CEO Tim Cook: The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and larger.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Only new success numbers, then the new iPhone

+ + + Apple celebrates itself as "Lonely Boy" + + +
[19.01 clock] To the sounds of "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys launches the Apple event in San Francisco - the first swipe at the competition. The last, however, has caught up with mighty big screens and fast processors.Apple CEO Tim Cook will start as usual: "What we've done in recent months." As an example, he points to open an Apple store in Barcelona.
+ + + + + + Cozy crowd
[18.35 clock] shows the AppleiPhone 5 , which is probably safe: The Group has invited journalists to San Francisco, and London to a presentation by 19 clock of our time here we go. Since 2007, so far five different iPhone models are released. Now, follow the sixth version of the successful phone - confusingly, it could be called iPhone 5. In addition to the smartphone also a new iPod Touch and a new iPod Nano is expected. In London,Matthias Kremp live on the Apple event, where some 200 journalists urge comfortable, sitting in the office in Hamburg Ole Reissmann .
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