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Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read ...' At 19, Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher was one of the youngest victims of the Afghan war. These letters – given to The Independent by his family – reveal the excitement of a teenager sent to fulfil his dream, and his maturity in confronting the possibility that he might not make it home


In the spring of this year, the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles deployed to Afghanistan. Halfway through the battalion's tour, it has lost nine soldiers, with dozens injured.
Of those to have given their lives, four were teenagers. Here Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher, who was 19 when he was killed by an explosion near Gereshk seven weeks ago, tells his own story, through letters home and the last letter he left behind to bid farewell to his family – his mother Helena, father Robin and brothers Zac, 21, and Steely, 17.
Following are the words of a proud soldier described by his officers as possessing "a rucksack full of potential", and by his friends as a rascal always cracking jokes and helping to keep morale high. Most of all, they are the words of a young son to his mum, dad and brothers. 
Terri Judd

27 April 2009
Hello Mum
I've just got your bluey [letter] (the 1st one) yea you are right it does get fucking hot, I can't work out wether I'm tanned or just burnt to fuck!! I've spoke to you on the phone so you no what I've been doing. I'm well proud of you loosing all that weight. Suppose you've got a pretty good insentive. We'v had the same shit maybe a month now. Everyday a Monday out here. You kind of loose track of days. I cant quite work out if its going fast or slow. This pen is shit its doing my head in!!
Iv been thinking of loads of things and places to do, go and see. Me and Elliott are gonna go to Amsterdam after this. THINK WE MAY HAVE DESERVED IT!! It should be a good day (November 5th) [their homecoming parade]. On the 6th we can go Belfast Iv'e got loads of sad things I wanna buy ie Sky+ Big TV. Get the old man to help me rearange my room and help me fix my shelves. Im not the DIY type normally resort to celler tape or blue tack. HA HA HA. Hope everyones safe at home. Complete detox out here – water no drink. So my dance moves might involve a bit of stumbling when I return! Im coming home 2 weeks earlier now so that's kinda good, it might be worth Zac picking me up give me a bit of chill out time so I don't try stab a gobby civvi plus he's a good listener, sumtimes I wonder if he's listening or thinking of sumthing completely irrelivant.
Well pass this round the family so they can all admire my extream spelling (infantry eh!). Lots of love to all the nearest and dearest. Love Ya!! Xxxx
1 May 2009
Hey Mum + family
Ill always address my letters to you cuz I no your probley the only one who gets to the mail!! You'll have to let me no how quick these are getting you ill keep writing the date?? Everything is good up this way getting hotter, still moving at a million miles per hour (HA HA HA) I think Iv'e stopped burning Im slowly going brown and my hair is getting ridiculous just wait till I come home ill look like a fucking wooky?! I was gonna write to granny + grandad but to be honest with the few spare hours I get Id'e rather write home ey? BTW send my regards to Daphne, Joan, Brian etc. Let em no how Im doing?
Every so often we get old people and churches send us little gifts like baby wipes, razors, sweets and stuff so its quite a good bit of moral. Got some really good photos ill have to bring my camera back so we can get that Kosovo collage on the go, to bring back on the 5th of November. If you saw what and where Ive been sleeping you would be shocked!! So pictures will back me up!
Unfortunately 3 blokes died 2 days ago in an IED explosion in one of the FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] bout 2 kilometers away – we visited that FOB 2 days before the attack – fucking mental quite scary actually! We'v had a rest day so Im doing a bit of hand washing and fitness! God you'd be so proud Ha! Ha! Ha! We've still had spam, rice, beans and unflavoured noodles every day – promise me actually I promise you if I see spam in the house ill fucking destroy it!! Im getting pretty good at making flat bread and we bout a goat of a local for 200 dollars and we slaughtered it. I got a good video. Its either catch it, kill it, or make it out here or else you go hungry LOL!! The showers are also freezing whilst Im on the subject of moaning?? Id'e best go again BUT ill keep writing when I get the time + ill be home in a couple of months. Love you'zzz all don't worry bout me to much. Theres only 3 things that kill people over hear BULLETS, BOMBS + EGOS so I might go down with a bad case of swollen head!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Love ya xxxxx

12 May 2009
Hello Mother
Yesterday was a massive day for moral an american chopper came in yesterday. I got 5 blueys one from Zac, Daphne, I think Sharpie sent one and Dad?? With some pictures that was great. I stared at them for about an hour I cant explain how good it is to get pictures and stuff you get grown men close to tears at the sight of there kid or a good night out its really strange how this place fucks with your head and emotions. A BIG ONE that I NEED you to try do (get started ill help when I get back) is appeal to local charitys, churches, major companys ie Zoo, Cadburys, boots you name it. Write to them and explain my whereabouts and they do send gifts, chocolate, sweets, magazines you name it trust me a lot of the lads parents did it and they've got clothes, the lot. Trust me Red bull, lucazade, fags AND SWEETS are wicked just keep sending them and URGE people to send photos they keep the moral SKY HIGH. I thought Steely and Zacs [poses] in the garden were quality. I can only prove how much a letter or small parcel means by finding time to right back – that's probley the most precious thing I have and Id'e trade hours for a letter.
On some much sadder news one of our rifleman died a few days back, we had a parade and a few minutes silence its so strange how many emotions you go through living in these conditions its like everything wants to beat you and rewin your day. Its about not letting it get to you and don't worry nothing fucking gets to me. Well Im off I love you all loads thanks for my parcels and letters. Lots of love xxx

14 May 2009
Hey Mum!
Its just gone 10 in the morning here Im on a stag rotation for the next 7 days guarding the FOB. Its 6 hours on 3 hours off so not much sleep. (Im already an hour in). If you could see what Im looking at now you'd be pretty shocked. Its pretty stunning to be honest. I could probley sling shot a stone from where we were last contacted [shot at] from Ha! Ha! Ha! Pretty fucking crazy huh? I shouldn't really tell you this but its safer than on the phone – were leaving this place. Its gonna be a fucking massive operation moving this lot + a lot of helicopter rides. So when I come back after R&R [leave] ill fly to [the main British camp] bastion then out to our new FOB. You don't really do much on stag. Swetting my tits of its gonna hit 50 degrees today. AAAAH Shit my grenade just fell out of my [body armour] – we wont mention that to any higherarcy will we now.
I think you said you were going to a weight loss thing a few days ago hope that well? (Just keep going) 37 days ill be home – not that Im counting or anything??? THINK there's a bird coming in today at 13.30 so this bluey will probley arrive with the others – well as always gotta go ill try ring when I get a top-up of minuets on Monday. FUCK knows what day it is I thought it was Sunday today. Ha! Ha! Well lots of love to you all!

Cyrus Thatcher was killed on 2 June 2009. This is the letter he wrote to be delivered to his family if he died:

Hello its me, this is gonna be hard for you to read but I write this knowing every time you thinks shits got to much for you to handle (so don't cry on it MUM!!) you can read this and hopefully it will help you all get through.
For a start SHIT I got hit!! Now Iv got that out the way I can say the things Iv hopefully made clear, or if I havent this should clear it all up for me. My hole life you'v all been there for me through thick and thin bit like a wedding through good and bad. Without you I believe I wouldn't have made it as far as I have. I died doing what I was born to do I was happy and felt great about myself although the army was sadly the ending of me it was also the making of me so please don't feel any hate toward it. One thing I no I never made clear to you all was I make jokes about my life starting in the Army. That's wrong VERY wrong my life began a LONG time before that (Obviously) but you get what I mean. All the times Iv tried to neglect the family get angry when you try teach me right from wrong wot I mean to say is I only realised that you were trying to help when I joined the army and without YOUR help I would have never had the BALLS, the GRIT and the damn right determination to crack on and do it. If I could have a wish in life it would to be able to say Iv gone and done things many would never try to do. And going to Afghan has fulfilled my dream ie my goal. Yes I am young wich as a parent must brake you heart but you must all somehow find the strength that I found to do something no matter how big the challenge. As Im writing this letter I can see you all crying and mornin my death but if I could have one wish in an "after life" it would be to stop your crying and continueing your dreams (as I did) because if I were watching only that would brake my heart. So dry your tears and put on a brave face for the rest of your friends and family who need you.
I want each and everyone of you to forfill a dream and at the end of it look at what you have done (completed) and feel the accomplishment and achievement I did only then will you understand how I felt when I passed away.
[To his brothers:] You are both amazing men and will continue to be throughout your lives you both deserve to be happy and fofill all of your dreams.
Dad – my idol, my friend, my best friend, my teacher, my coach, everything I ever succeeded in my life I owe to you and maybe a little bit of me! You are a great man and the perfect role model and the past two years of being in the army I noticed that and me and you have been on the best level we have ever been. I thank you for nothing because I no all you have given to me is not there to be thanked for its there because you did it cause you love me and that is my most proudest thing I could ever say.
Mum, where do I start with you!! For a start your perfect, your smell, your hugs, the way your life was dedicated to us boys and especially the way you cared each and every step us boys took. I love you, you were the reason I made it as far as I did you were the reason I was loved more than any child I no and that made me feel special.
Your all such great individuals and I hope somehow this letter will help you get through this shit time!! Just remember do NOT mourn my death as hard as this will seem, celebrate a great life that has had its ups and downs. I love you all more than you would ever no and in your own individual ways helped me get through it all. I wish you all the best with your dreams.
Remember chin up head down. With love Cyrus xxxx

marilena: Italian chemists pick Viagra as weapon in war agai...

marilena: Italian chemists pick Viagra as weapon in war agai...: "Hard times for us – no Viagra for you," read the banners held by protesting pharmacists in Rome this week. As the Monti government tr...

Italian chemists pick Viagra as weapon in war against reforms

"Hard times for us – no Viagra for you," read the banners held by protesting pharmacists in Rome this week.
As the Monti government tries to dismantle the myriad vested interests smothering the Italian economy, chemists are among those fighting to keep things uncompetitive in their sector.
And hospital pharmacists in the capital have decided, symbolically, to hit a government dominated by old, grey-haired men where it hurts by threatening to stop dispensing the little blue pill. The protesting state pharmacists claim that private dispensers will be favoured by Mario Monti's reforms.
The request for a rethink on the liberalisation plans was sent by the union Sinafo in a letter to Mr Monti and his Health Minister Renato Balduzzi. "If our demands are not met, on 30 April we will announce the Viagra strike," the union said.

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marilena: "A brief history of breast enlargementsBy Claire B...

marilena: "A brief history of breast enlargementsBy Claire B...: It is 50 years since the first breast enlargement using silicone implants. Today it rates as the second-most popular form of cosmetic...

"A brief history of breast enlargementsBy Claire Bowes & Cordelia HebblethwaiteBBC World Service"

Composite of images about the history of breast implants and those who inspired women to want bigger bosoms - including patent drawing for bust-developing device 1929, US patent number 1795073, inventor Peggy Bbowh

It is 50 years since the first breast enlargement using silicone implants. Today it rates as the second-most popular form of cosmetic surgery worldwide, undergone by 1.5 million women in 2010.
It was spring 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey, a mother-of-six lay down on the operating table at Jefferson Davis hospital in Houston, Texas.
Over the next two hours, she went from a B to a C cup, in an operation that made history.
"I thought they came out just perfect… They felt soft and just like real breasts," says Lindsey now aged 80.
"I don't think I got the full results of them until I went out in public and men on the street would whistle at me."
Though the operation boosted her self-confidence - and she enjoyed the extra attention - she had never planned to have a breast augmentation.
Lindsey had been to hospital to get a tattoo removed from her breasts, and it was then that doctors asked if she would consider volunteering for this first-of-its-kind operation.
"I was more concerned about getting my ears pinned back... My ears stood out like Dumbo! And they said 'Oh we'll do that too.'" So a deal was struck.
The surgeons were two ambitious pioneers, Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin.
It was Gerow who had first come up with the plan for a new kind of breast implant.
"Frank Gerow squeezed a plastic blood bag and remarked how much it felt like a woman's breast," says Teresa Riordan, author of Inventing Beauty: A History of the Innovations that have Made Us Beautiful.
"And he had this 'Aha!' moment, where he first conceived of the silicone breast implant."
The first guinea pig for the silicone implant was a dog named Esmeralda. The basic principle behind the prototype was simple.
"A rocket achieves lift off with lift and thrust - same thing in breast augmentation," says Thomas Biggs, who was working with Gerow and Cronin in 1962 as a junior resident in plastic surgery.
"I was in charge of the dog. The implant was inserted under the skin and left for a couple of weeks, until she chewed at her stitches and it had to be removed."
The operation was deemed a success and Gerow declared that the implants were "as harmless as water". Soon after, the medical team began looking for women to try out the implants.
Timmie Jean Lindsey has only a hazy recollection of her operation day.
"As I came back from surgery there was just a lot of weight on my chest - like something heavy had been sitting there."
"That was about it - after maybe three or four days the pain part of it had let up."
The doctors were pleased with their work. But, at the time, Biggs had no idea quite what they had on their hands.
"Sure it was a little bit exciting, but if I'd had a mirror to the future I'd have been dumbstruck," he says.
"I was not wise enough to realise the magnitude of it."
The significance began to hit home when Cronin presented the work at the International Society of Plastic Surgeons in Washington DC in 1963. "The plastic surgery world was absolutely set on fire with enthusiasm," says Biggs.
The time seemed right. 1950s America had seen a whole swathe of cultural influences come together around the ideal of a larger breast.
It was the decade in which Playboy magazine and Barbie launched, and film stars played a big role too.

Where are breast implants most popular?

Number of operationsRanked per capita

Design for a breast protector, 1864. US patent number 43321. Inventor Eleanor M Marshall
Injected: Paraffin was tried in the 1890s, but quickly dropped because it leaked to other parts of the body
Transplanted: In the 1920s and 1930s doctors tried moving fat from other parts of the body to the breast
Inserted: Polyurethane, cartilage, sponges, wood and even glass balls, were all tried in the 1950s
Non-surgical solutions: Vacuum pumps, suction devices, a multitude of lotions and potions, and padded or inflatable bras
Source: Inventing Beauty by Teresa Riordan
"The busty look of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell and also Dior's New Look of 1957, really emphasised this curvy silhouette, and got women thinking about augmenting their breasts," says Teresa Riordan.
"Falsies" - basically stuffed bras - were popular, but increasingly women wanted something more.

Marilyn Monroe in 1956
Through the years, all manner of approaches had been tried to increase breast size. In the 1950s, doctors started inserting sponge implants into women's breasts. Some allege that Marilyn Monroe had this operation, though this is hotly contested.
Monroe biographer Anthony Summers says people he interviewed for his book, who knew her well - including Billy Travilla, who was both her dressmaker and one of her lovers - said she had no reason at all to have any breast enhancement.
"The filmmaker Billy Wilder described Monroe's bosom as, 'a miracle of shape, density and an apparent lack of gravity,'" he says.
The sponge technique worked well at first, but did not last - the sponges soon shrank, and became "hard as baseballs" says Biggs.
Silicone was also a material of the moment. "There was a post-war American fascination with all things plastic and artificial," says Riordan.
It is not in the US, though, that the silicone was first used for breast enlargement, but in Japan, where it was tried out by prostitutes.
Eager to do better trade with the occupying US forces, who they presumed preferred a larger chest, they experimented by injecting silicone - stolen from the docks of Yokohama - direct into the breast.
These injections turned out to have a nasty side-effect known as "silicone rot", in which gangrene set in around the injection site.
The early silicone breast implants pioneered in the US fortunately avoided this hitch, but were not entirely problem-free.
Hematoma, where blood collects in a swelling, was one early difficulty. There were cases of infections too, and also "fibrous capsular contractions" where a scar would form, making the implant hard.
"We are not worshipping what we had 50 years ago, because that's history," says Biggs.

An x-ray of a breast implant showing calcification

There have been many advances over the decades, like 3D-imaging, and implants that are increasingly rupture-proof - and the range has widened.
"In the early days, we only had four choices or sizes - large, medium, small and petite. Now we have over 450 choices," says Biggs.
Around the world, breast enlargement is now the second-most popular cosmetic surgery operation, after liposuction (the removal of fat). In many countries - including the UK - it is the most popular operation.
It's not only used by women who want to perfect their body shape but also by patients who have undergone mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. This was something Gerow and Cronin envisaged from the start, and one of their motives for developing the operation.
For many years, Timmie Jean Lindsey kept fairly quiet about her breast enlargement - one boyfriend never knew for example, and it was only decades later that she told many of her friends and family about it.
Fifty years on she remains delighted with the results, though there is no stopping the passing of time, she says.
"You would think they would stay real perky, but no - they are just like a regular breasts, they begin to sag over the years. That surprised me. I figured they'd just stay where they were."
But she still very happy with the little piece of history she carries inside her body.
"It's kind of awesome to know that I was first," she says.

1. United States
1. Brazil
2. Brazil
2. Greece
3. Mexico
3. Italy
4. Italy
4. Colombia
5. China
5. United States
6. Colombia
6. France
7. India
7. Mexico
8. France
8. Venezuela
9. Japan
9. Australia
10. Germany
10. Canada

marilena: Seeing double

marilena: Seeing double: Twins have always proved an interesting subject for the photographer as they offer a chance to visualise the notion of identity, self a...

Seeing double

Jemma and Courtney

Twins have always proved an interesting subject for the photographer as they offer a chance to visualise the notion of identity, self and other.
Caroline Briggs, a former colleague, dropped by the other day and told me about her latest project which explores this area through the use of double exposure. It's a novel approach.
Caroline is herself a twin, and it's an aspect of her own identity she has explored in previous work whilst studying at Saint Martins College, but this is the first time in such a direct manner.
"Like most twins, I hate being compared to my sister, and most other twin projects have that freak show quality of compare-and-contrast that leaves me cold," Caroline told me. "While I'm also interested in the physical similarities and differences between identical twins, I also want to explore identity and the emotional side of being one half of pair too.
"The battle between wanting to be alike, yet craving an identity separate from your real-life clone, is one I have lived. By creating a single portrait from two people poses questions about their relationship and their desire - or lack of desire - to live completely separate lives."
Peter and Norman
Peter and Norman
Caroline's double exposure approach offers the viewer two levels on which to examine the photograph. There's the conundrum of trying to separate the two figures and finding a way to see both faces, plus there's the deeper exploration of their personalities. Of course, a photograph can't really capture much more than shape and form, but the choice of clothes, hair styles and even expression all create reactions within the viewer.
Sophie and Ella
Sophie and Ella
"Younger twins are yet to form their own identities," Caroline said. "They often wear the same clothes chosen by their parents, but by the time we reach adulthood that all changes. The decisions the twins have made, and their life experiences, are more obvious in the portraits of older twins."
Of course Caroline could pose the twins, yet that's not part of the process preferring to offer little in the way of direction. Being a twin herself provides a degree of common ground.
Once the pictures are taken, then they are overlaid in post-production and it is then that the similarities in the faces are revealed. "Sometimes some features fit identically, other times their faces seem so different," she adds.
"I love hearing back from the twins I've shot as they seem so interested in the process and share their thoughts on which twin they 'see' most in the single image. In my photograph, for example, I see only my sister, as does she. It's interesting to think that in the way many twins often have one dominant personality; maybe one has a more dominant visual appearance...?"
The project is very much ongoing and Caroline is keen to hear from twins who might be interested in taking part. You can contact her via Twitter or via her website.
Pat and Pauline
Pat and Pauline
Stuart and Tony
Stuart and Tony
Victoria and Rachel
Victoria and Rachel

marilena: The Afghan girls who live as boys

marilena: The Afghan girls who live as boys: By Tahir Qadiry BBC Persian, Kabul For economic and social reasons, many Afghan parents want to have a son. This preference has led to so...

The Afghan girls who live as boys

For economic and social reasons, many Afghan parents want to have a son. This preference has led to some of them practising the long-standing tradition of Bacha Posh - disguising girls as boys.
When Azita Rafhat, a former member of the Afghan parliament, gets her daughters ready for school, she dresses one of the girls differently.
Three of her daughters are clothed in white garments and their heads covered with white scarves, but a fourth girl, Mehrnoush, is dressed in a suit and tie. When they get outside, Mehrnoush is no longer a girl but a boy named Mehran.
Azita Rafhat didn't have a son, and to fill the gap and avoid people's taunts for not having a son, she opted for this radical decision. It was very simple, thanks to a haircut and some boyish clothes.
There is even a name for this tradition in Afghanistan - Bacha Posh, or disguising girls as boys.
"When you have a good position in Afghanistan and are well off, people look at you differently. They say your life becomes complete only if you have a son," she says.
There has always been a preference for having sons in Afghanistan, for various economic and social reasons.
Ms Rahfhat's husband, Ezatullah Rafhat, thinks having a son is a symbol of prestige and honour.
"Whoever came [to our house] would say: 'Oh, we're sorry for you not having a son.' So we thought it would be a good idea to disguise our daughter, as she wanted this too."
Azita Rafhat is not the only mother who has decided to do this.
This child has been temporarily transformed from Mehrnoush the girl to Mehran the boy

Not girlish
Many girls disguised as boys can be found in Afghan markets. Some families disguise their daughters as boys so that they can easily work on the streets to feed their families.

Some of these girls who introduce themselves as boys sell things like water and chewing gum. They appear to be aged anywhere between about five and 12. None of them would talk to me about their lives as boys.
Girls brought up as boys do not stay like this all their lives. When they turn 17 or 18 they live life as a girl once again - but the change is not so simple.
Elaha lives in Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan. She lived as a boy for 20 years because her family didn't have a son and reverted only two years ago when she had to go to university.
However, she does not feel fully female: she says her habits are not girlish and she does not want to get married.
"When I was a kid my parents disguised me as a boy because I didn't have a brother. Until very recently, as a boy, I would go out, play with other boys and have more freedom."
She has returned reluctantly to her gender and says she has done it only because of the social traditions.
"If my parents force me to get married, I will compensate for the sorrows of Afghan women and beat my husband so badly that he will take me to court every day."
Girl disguised as boy selling water in Kabul
Many girls dress as boys so they can go out to work in the streets
Common story
Atiqullah Ansari, head of the famous blue mosque in Mazar-e Sharif, says the tradition is about appealing to the divine.
He says those families who do not have a son disguise their daughters as boys for good luck so that God gives them a son.
Mothers who do not have sons come to the shrine of Hazrat-e Ali and ask him to grant them sons, he adds.
Atiqullah Ansari says that according to Islam the girls who live as boys must cover their heads when they come of age.

In Afghanistan, stories like this have become more common. Almost everyone has relatives or neighbours who have tried this.
Fariba Majid, the head of the Women's Rights Department in the northern province of Balkh, used to go by the boy's name Wahid.
"I was the third daughter in my family and when I was born my parents decided to disguise me as a boy," she says.
"I would work with my father at his shop and even go to Kabul to bring goods from there."
She thinks that experience helped her gain confidence and helped her get where she is today.
It is not surprising that even Azita Rafhat, mother of Mehran, once used to live as a boy.
"Let me tell you a secret," she says. "When I was a kid, I used to live as a boy and work with my father.
"I experienced both the world of men and of women and it helped me to be more ambitious in my career."
'Breach of rights'
The tradition has existed in Afghanistan for centuries. According to Daud Rawish, a sociologist in Kabul, it may have started when Afghans had to fight their invaders and for this women needed to be disguised as men.
But Qazi Sayed Mohammad Sami, head of the Balkh Human Rights Commission, calls it a breach of human rights.
"We cannot change someone's gender for a while. You cannot change a girl to a boy for a short period of time. It's against humanity," he says.
The tradition has had a damaging effect on some girls who feel they have missed out on essential childhood memories as well as losing their identity.
For others it has been good experiencing freedoms they would never have had if they had lived as girls.
But for many the key question is: will there be a day when Afghan girls get as much freedom and respect as boys?

marilena: Χάκερ δημιούργησαν ιστοσελίδα πρόσληψης χάκερ!

marilena: Χάκερ δημιούργησαν ιστοσελίδα πρόσληψης χάκερ!:   Μία ομάδα τεχνικών δημιούργησε μία ιστοσελίδα εύρεσης εργασίας για χάκερ. Η ομάδα που εδρεύει στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, δημιούργησε...

Χάκερ δημιούργησαν ιστοσελίδα πρόσληψης χάκερ!

Μία ομάδα τεχνικών δημιούργησε μία ιστοσελίδα εύρεσης εργασίας για χάκερ.

Η ομάδα που εδρεύει στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, δημιούργησε μια ειδική ιστοσελίδα, σκοπός της οποίας είναι η παροχή καλύτερης υπηρεσίας ανερευσης εργασίας για κάποιον, που αναζητά καριέρα στην ανάπτυξη λογισμικών ασφάλειας ή στην βιομηχανία ασφάλειας γενικότερα.
Το "Hacker Jobs UK" δημιουργήθηκε και υποστηρίζεται από τον Jon Gilbraith καθώς και τον τεχνικό σύμβουλο Steve Buckley. 

Η ιστοσελίδα δημιουργήθηκε διότι, όπως αναφέρει: "Υπάρχει έλλειψη ποιότητας στην εργασία, που διατίθεται στην τεχνική κοινότητα του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου. Υπάρχουν πολλές επιλογές για όσους αναζητούν εργασία, αλλά είτε έχουν φτάσει σε κορεσμό από τους εργοδότες είτε τα ζητούμενα προσόντα είναι πολύ γενικευμένα χωρίς να ληφθεί υπόψη ο βαθμός εξειδίκευσης κατα την επιλογή συνεργατών και στελεχών"

marilena: Infographic: The secret life of drinking water

marilena: Infographic: The secret life of drinking water: Water scarcity will be one of the defining features of the 21st century.  The U.N. predicts that by 2025 two thirds of the world's po...

Infographic: The secret life of drinking water

Water scarcity will be one of the defining features of the 21st century. The U.N. predicts that by 2025 two thirds of the world's population will suffer water shortages. Here CNN takes a look at what we do with the water we can drink. Find out more at unwater.org.


marilena: ΤΙ ΦΤΑΙΝΕ ΤΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΟΛΟΥ ΤΟΥ ΚΟΣΜΟΥ....: A man runs carrying a toddler as children weep during fighting in the Bab Tudmor neighborhood of the city of Homs in February Ed ...


A man runs carrying a toddler as children weep during fighting in the Bab Tudmor neighborhood of the city of Homs in February

A man runs carrying a toddler as children weep during fighting in the Bab Tudmor neighborhood of the city of Homs in February

  • Ed Husain says Kofi Annan's deal with Syria's government is a new chance for regime
  • He says the plan to stop violence, allow humanitarian aid and more, is correct, crucial
  • He says al-Assad isn't trustworthy, but if pact fails his chance at avoiding world response is slim
  • Husain: Syrian government must stand down, opposition must unite to form credible alternative